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View and Edit Your STDF Data
The Spry Software QuickEdit tool allows easy access to all of the data in your STDF file. Parametric results, multiple parametric results, functional results, software bin summaries, hardware bin summaries, test configuration data and pretty much any other data in an STDF file are visible in an easy-to-understand tabular form. You can export any or all of these types of data in comma separated files suitable for loading into Excel or any analysis tool or into a JSL script and associated export files for fast loading into JMP. You can also edit the data and even add new records before re-saving them in STDF format. This unique set of capabilities is particularly useful for product characterization when the constraints of the test equipment may not allow you to accurately capture part, temperature or other setup information.
How do I use it?
The QuickEdit documentation explains how to load STDF files, view them many different ways, edit the data, add new data, and save files as STDF or csv/Microsoft Excel files.
What's new?
QuickEdit 1.9.13 was released in April, 2014. It improved the display of fields for editing. See all recent release notes.
Need More information?
Send us product questions, volume pricing questions and alternate payment mechanism questions.
Try it out
Interested? Try QuickEdit for 30 days and see how it helps you view and edit your STDF data.
Ready to Buy One License for only $295?
Our convenient Buy Now button allows you to purchase one or more licenses via PayPal (including with a credit card via PayPal). If you are interested in purchasing licenses but prefer to use a credit card without going through PayPal, a purchase order or another payment mechanism such as a wire transfer from overseas, let us know by mailing or clicking the Contact Us link. We are happy to accommodate any of those mechanisms. You can also contact us about volume license discounts.
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