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QuickEdit STDF Editor with Graphs

View raw STDF binary data files Merging of multiple STDF files
View/edit all record types, view standardized lot summary report and extra tables showing each unit's parametric test results from different perspectives. Combine final test files from multiple steps or fab wafer sort re-probe sessions into one file for product characterization or to create analysis groups.
STDF editing Statistical summaries
Edit any record, allowing not only fixes to lotids and waferids, but also fixes to details like test names, limits, test conditions and anything else in STDF. Can be seen for a few or all tests, including failure percentages, Cpks, medians, alarms and quartiles.
File exporting Visualization tools
CSV, Excel, JMP JSL (JMP scripting language), HTML and custom formats Histograms, trend charts, scatter plots, box plots, wafer maps, bin and test fail paretos, with a robust set of configurations including outlier removal, up to three levels of grouping, limits drawing, histogram bin selection and more. All graphs can be printed to PDF and PNG files.
Streamlined analysis flows
Faster analysis using data scrubbing for product qualifications and process characterization.
Test condition characterization using DTR records Extended Capabilities
Just write DTR records with format COND:name=value,name2=value2,.... and turn on test condition option. More tools such as reporting automation, data collection automation and data architecting are available with upgrade to QuickLoad-Central.
QLC screenshot
Platform requirements
QuickEdit is available for Windows and MacOS. (It also works on Linux and just about any platform that runs a standard version of Java-- just download the QuickEdit Mac installer and use the files from the QuickEditPro/ directory.)
For a complete comparison of QuickEdit features with our other STDF tools, see our product comparison table.
How do I use it?
The QuickEdit documentation explains how to load STDF files, view them many different ways, edit the data, add new data, and save files as STDF, CSV, XLSX, JSL and HTML files.
What's new?
QuickEdit 1.9.129 was released in October, 2015. This version allows the user to easily choose the tests with the highest percentage or count of failures or lowest Cpk for analysis. See all recent release notes.
How much does it cost?

QuickEdit costs 345 USD per license, including 12 months of maintenance and perpetual usage.

Each license is perpetual, meaning you never have to pay again to keep using the tool. You can optionally renew maintenance after the included period to keeping upgrades and support. Maintenance renewals are 67 USD per year for QuickEdit.

Need more information?
Send us product questions, volume pricing questions and alternate payment mechanism questions.
Try it out
Interested? Try QuickEdit for 14 days and see how it helps you view and edit your STDF data.
Ready to Buy for USD 345?
Selecting Buy Now allows you to purchase one or more licenses via credit card or PayPal. If you are interested in purchasing licenses but prefer to use a credit card without paying online, a purchase order or another payment mechanism, let us know by mailing or Contacting Us. We are happy to accommodate any of those mechanisms. You can also contact us about volume license discounts.
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