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The QuickEdit File Summary View

What is it?
The File Summary View provides five tables that together quickly summarize the contents of an STDF file.
  • The top table provides descriptive information about the test such as the lotid, test program, test start and test finish.
  • The second (very small) table lists the number of units tested, the count and percent that passed, and the count and percent that failed.
  • The third table lists each bin, the number of units assigned to the bin, and the percentage of all units assigned to the bin. By default this and the following table use software bins. To use hardware bins instead, click on the options menu and uncheck the "Use Hard Bin in Summary" option. This table and the next one can either include or exclude empty bins. Select the "Show Empty Bins in Summary" option in the Options menu to include them. Unselect the option to exclude them.
  • The fourth table lists bin counts and percentages for each bin in each test head/test site combination in the file.
  • The final table lists all tests in the file. For each head/site combination it lists the number of devices tested, the number that failed the test, and the number of alarms. It will also list a best guess at what hardware and software bins are associated with failing the test. Some files will not have enough information to make definitive association, so several bins will be listed. If no units failed a test, QuickEdit cannot determine which bins are associated with that test.
File Summary example
Data Sorting
For all of these tables the user can click on any header column to sort the table by that column. File Summary does not yet have the sort by multiple columns option available for other views.