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The QuickEdit Parametric Results View

What is it?
The Parametric Results View provides a simple table view of each device on each wafer of each lot (or each device of each lot if the data represent package test) that is loaded into QuickEdit. The view has one row for each device and columns for each identifying field (lotid, x location, etc.) and for each parametric and functional test. Columns for parametric tests contain the most recent test result, if any, for the row's device. Columns for functional tests contain "P" and "F" to indicate passed and failed, as appropriate. Results for multiple parametric tests are in the separate multiple parameter results view.
Data Sorting
The view can be re-sorted according to the value of a given column by clicking in that column on the first row (the row with the test names). More complex sorts can be defined by right clicking, choosing Sort Table and then selecting one or more columns to use for sorting.
Data Editing
Right click on a row and select Edit Data Record to edit the underlying PRR record that represents the device for the selected row.